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Initial views of the main, street level "Downstairs" space which we moved into in 1984.  It had several lives.

 Initially, one corner was converted to linoleum for use as a machine room in which Duncan ran amok.


Later, as we began production in 1990, we got some desks and it began to look more office-like.  Here is JB in what was the Machine Room.

Mim trying to concentrate

JB and Fred cogitate.

We built Hal's downstairs abode behind the wall on the left and a conference room just visible through the door on the right.  JB's office has moved through the un-doored hole behind Marian.

When we had an engineering staff, they worked there and it was very office-like.

They left and it became rather ghostly

Finally, we moved out of the upstairs space and the downstairs became really crowded!

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