Dendritics Gemscale-50 Owners Manual Page 3

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Gemscale 100 - - Enhanced Pocket Portable Carat Scale

To Start

-    Place scale on stable, flat, horizontal surface.

-    Press Lever to open.

-    Press Button to turn on, Reads <188.88>

-    <CAL> Center Calibration Weight on Pan.

-    <50.00> Replace weight and start weighing.

To Tare (to zero)

-    Press Button once briefly to zero Display.

To Turn Off

-    Press Button down until Display shuts off or scale will automatically shut itself off in 30 minutes.

To Replace Battery

-    Battery requires replacement when scale will not give a reading.

-    Locate Battery Compartment door on the bottom of the scale.

-    Take a thin flat object such as the flat end of stone tweezers. Put it into the battery door groove and press inward and up. The battery door will flip open for you.

-    Replace with a 9 Volt Alkaline for 300 operating hours or a 9 Volt Heavy Duty for 200 operating hours.

-    Put the battery door hinges in place. Press battery door down until it "clicks" and shuts securely.

Error Indications

-    <Err> Weight too heavy.

-    <-Err> Weight below zero, weighing pan missing.

-    <----> Waiting for a stable reading. Use draftshield.

-    Unchanging error indications for two minutes. Needs factory re-calibration.

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