Gemscale 50 - Original Press Release

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(July 1991)


BOSTON - A  POCKET PORTABLE DIGITAL CARAT SCALE,  Gemscale 50 is being  premiered at the Tucson Gem Show, February 1991.  Gemscale 50 weighs 50.50 carats by .01 carats.  This is the world's first pocket portable digital carat scale suitable for weighing diamonds and colored stones.  Dendritics, Incorporated introduces this carat scale after seven years of research and development.  Six US Patents have been awarded to this precision instrument.


Gemscale 50  measures 5" X 3" X 1".  Gemscale 50 is made for international travel.  A single 9 sold battery gives 200 operating hours.  Gemscale 50 is equipped with automatic shut off.  Automatic calibration and one button on, off and tare, make this one of the easiest scales to use.  The three way patented draftshield functions as a carrying case when closed.  Gemscale 50 is engineered for professional portable use.

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