Gemscale Troubleshooting

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Numbers float off, drifting, occasional dashes, numbers unstable.


Make sure the black (or silver) pan is clean and on straight. Sometimes, a crooked or dirty pan will cause symptoms such as these.

Shut the draftshield. If the weight stabilizes, then you are seeing wind or environmental disruptions. If this solves the problem, you must use the draftshield for your environment, or wait until the environment stabilizes before continuing use.

If this does not solve the problem, your drift may be due to Temperature Changes. Wait until the temperature settles. You might have to wait 5-15 minutes, depending on the amount of the change. Be especially aware of sudden temperature changes, such as going from a hot car to a cool house or vice-versa. Or being in front of an air-conditioner or under a lamp.

If the Drift still won't go away, you must return it to us for inspection and analysis.

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