Gemscale Troubleshooting

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I push the button, the display reads 188.88 and fades out.




I'm afraid there is nothing you can do. Possibly as a result of an electric static shock, the calibration data stored in the scale has been lost. You must return it to us for a re-calibration.  Data in the Gemscale 50 and Gemscale 100 is stored in volatile memory in the on-board microprocessor.  This data is held in place by a lithium battery.  Current is only drawn from the Lithium when the 9V battery is dead or absent.  So, in contrast to many other electronics, it is best to leave the battery in when the scale is not in use.

This is not a problem with any of our later Gemscales.  We smartened up and stored the data in a permanent "EEPROM" memory chip.

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