Gemscale Troubleshooting

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The scale calibrated to 50.00, but subsequent readings with the calibration weight on are in error by more than +/-.01.


Shut off the scale and recalibrate using the 50.00 Carat weight.


If this is all you have to do, you have already corrected the problem by manually recalibrating the scale. The scale experienced a disruption from the environment during its first calibration. Do no more.


Check the Zero reading. It should read 0.00. Tare if necessary, then put the 50.00 carat weight back on. It should read 50.00. If it will not read 50.00, you might have a Jitter problem.

If you have a set of precision weights, try intermediate weights, such as 25 Carats (5 grams), 15 Carats (3 grams) and 10 Carats (2 grams).


If the readings are wrong in between the Zero and Full-Scale (50.00) readings (e.g., 25.01, 15.01, 10.01), then you have a linearity problem. Return the scale for computer recalibration.

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