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I can't find anything to compare to your scales, within an order of magnitude. I can't even find any used ones. You left a void that needs to be filled. Are you sure that there's nothing left in some dark corner of your warehouse?

Wow, I didn't even expect a response from you! You know, I'm just trying to get started in the gem rough business on the web. I asked around of all the old pro's on the internet what kind of scale they use, and without exception, or hesitation they all recommended one or more of your scales to me as the one they themselves use.

One said, Oh, I also have a whatsis brand, but I use a Carat Gemscale from Dendritics. This man is a professional gem rough dealer who travels the world, sells at Tucson every year and makes his sole living selling gem rough, using your scale to weigh it.

If you ever decide manufacture and market your scales again please let me be a representative.

As I said, I am just starting up, and because I gave up hope of hearing from you I went ahead and bought a (shudder, blush) Tanita 1210-100. I want you to know that this was a very distant second choice, but I figured I had no choice. I am so ashamed!

One dealer warned me that, and this is an excerpt (spelling and all) from his e-mail;

however as I was recently told their out of business except for a group that services the machines already sold, ( thank God ) so Im not sure who to recomend you to, From what a friend was telling me the authorities in Tucson last year started really cracking down on non authorised scales and conficating them.. unless they were certicied scales ( which are several thousand dollars) yeah right gonna run right out and buy one.. lol ....NOT ) My recomendation is to look around and see what is available on ebay first and then secondly look in some of the flyers that the suppliers send around, I will ask around for you also and see who recomends what?

This gentleman not only thinks that you are #1, but can't even think of who would be #2! He says if I can't find a new one, somehow buy a used one!

If you are willing to sell me one of yours, I will sell the Tanita without even taking it out of the box. I would be proud to feature your scales on my website if you ever re-market them.

- Bruce


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