Maryann's Kudos

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WOW JB just spent an hour looking at your website. Enjoyed the photos, especially of Marian. How come there were none of you so close up though??? Did I miss them somehow? Did I really say that about saying white rabbit fast three times fast sounding like a blubbering idiot??? When did I say that? Sounds like something I would say, but don't remember when I said it. Anyhow it is true, but if it is bad luck in Okinawa, I am not saying it! Don't want to take anyone's luck away. Looked like Dendritics was the best of times. Happy Dog really got a great spread, and good work on displaying Marian's artwork. Must have taken you ages to get all that down. Then I kept opening different sites. It is really amazing what you can do. Very Professional. I can't even imagine how you did it. I am just talking about the website, unreal how you invented those scales. Know you won't stop there. You will just keep being more and more remarkable.

- Maryann


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