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Hi JB,

I'm a hobbyist gem cutter and I own a Gemscale 50.

I was browsing your sight tonight and saw you are no longer going to manufacture your scales. I hadn't heard about it so I was quite surprised. I couldn't tell when you made the announcement.

The sight is great and I had a lot of fun reading the various letters you've received that you've posted and looking at the design history. I even watched the slide shows.

Anyway, Your site indicates you still have some D125's, M50's, and D500's in stock.

If you do have any still available which one's and what are the prices? I might want to upgrade or get a backup if it makes sense.

Good luck with your future ventures.

...I did see the White Rabbit theories but didn't explore them yet. Actually, I ended up on your site around midnight my time and didn't leave it until 2:15 am. Got hooked but finally had to give up and get some sleep.

I intend to go back and check out those features plus read more about the technology which is really fascinating.

I've got to ask. Did you try to sell the company or the rights to the manufacture the scale to another manufacturer? Or will you sell it in the future? It seems a shame to have such good equipment disappear.

- Steve


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