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Actually I vote for Rabbit Rabbit (never heard of the triplets!)

How many votes per month do you get?

- Jack on 12/5/2000

As to: where did I hear of Rabbit Rabbit [Rabbit]? It's not exactly one of those: "Where were you when the space shuttle.........." questions but I think that I heard it from an old girlfriend about 20 yrs ago, and it has been a great source of fun ever since. I sent a company wide email out last Thursday instructing everyone to "don't say a word.... until you say rabbit rabbit". I included your link. I got an enthusiastic response from the top dog proclaiming me to be "da man" as he has forever been preaching the practice to others but always got blank stares and never had anything to back up / support his enthusiasm. My thanks to you for the career enhancing e-artifact!

As you represent the best authority that I could find on the Rabbit x __ thing, I thought that you should know: I work for AskJeeves. We have a search engine product (DirectHit) that tracks the choices that internet users make in response to the results that they get to specific search queries. The query rabbit rabbit yielded your site as the third most popular result (http://www.directhit.com/fcgi-bin/DirectHitWeb.fcg?qry=rabbit+rabbit&alias=websrch). This is actually really good as it shows that a significant amount of people are taking the time to look this up. Also know that the first two sites had nothing to do with the Rabbit Rabbit "thing".

Thanks again and shouldn't we both get back to our real jobs? :)

- Jack on 12/5/2000

Time has a way of legitimating things. A reference from the 40's does imply that this thing has legs!

- Jack on 12/6/2000


Actually I meant that: I had thought that the great challenge was to remember to say Rabbit Rabbit AFTER waking up on the first day of the month. This is the real bugger for me. Each month presents a different reason for failure. This month's distraction was the cat who was tearing up the comforter on the bed!

Can I take it from the unofficial Rabbit Master that the only standard is to say it as the first words of the month without the requirement of a night's sleep?

- Jack on 1/3/2001

So you have never heard the condition that the term "xxxxx Rabbit" (where xxx is either: "White" or "Rabbit") must be the first words out of your mouth for the month AND / OR that they must have been preceded by sleep?

How about passing that one by the International Committee?

- Jack on 1/4/2001

Seems like the only thing we all agree on is that the word: "rabbit" must be said on the first day of the month. After that comes the magic and culture of regionality.

I can say this: your site and communications prompted me to get off of my but and call the person who first introduced me to Rabbit Rabbit. Sure was good to talk to my old girlfriend....although my wife didn't appreciate it!

Good luck

- Jack on 1/8/2001

The Rabbit Underground lives!

- Jack on 1/17/2001

Boy o Boy (Rabbit or Rabbit / Bunny o Bunny / on and on!)

This thing gets more and more complicated every time. Is there no version control! Who is in charge of this?

JB: My vote is that JB is the official: VP of all Month End / Rabbit Related Superstition (get that on your business card!). We need to get our arms around this and no one has a better handle on it than he. How about some standards JB?

- Jack on 3/19/2001

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