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I like White Rabbit because if you try to say it fast three or more times you sound like a blubbering idiot.

- Maryann on 1/6/2001

Did I really say that about saying white rabbit fast three times fast sounding like a blubbering idiot??? When did I say that? Sounds like something I would say, but don't remember when I said it. Anyhow it is true, but if it is bad luck in Okinawa, I am not saying it! Donít want to take anyone's luck away. If you visit Okinawa on the first of the month, remember NO rabbits. I somehow suspect saying rabbit rabbit, won't bring luck, because in the old days if the rabbit died it meant the woman was pregnant. How lucky was that? Then again I suppose it depended on the woman. One woman's miracle could be another's nightmare! For Zena, Marie Dioguardi and my mother it was definitely miraculous, at least when the three of us were conceived, don't you think?

- Maryann on 6/20/2002

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