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Robocal, Number One Robot.  That is Robo, banished to the corner of the room centered in this photo.  He was the first and prototype calibration robot, although he single-handedly calibrated the first 500 or so Gemscale-50's.  At one point he was located at the back of JB's desk.  Later he was very useful in R&D, as he could be played with, without damaging HalThere are even some Quick-time movies of Hal, Lisa, Dave, and Pez on Lisa's page.

This flexible material protected Robo's scale from air drafts.  JB got it in a dance clothing store ... and they made him try it on (as part of leggings) before he could take it home ... a great scene! "It'll fit, I can tell" ... "No, you Must try it.  Go in the room there"

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