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June 15, 2004

Dear Customer,

As you know, we ceased manufacturing our gemscales some time ago.   We occasionally have (potential) customers wanting to buy (or sell!) scales.  Here is one such - feel free to contact him if you want one.

-- JB

For Sale - Barely used M50 and D500!

On another note… I see from the Dendritics web site you will cease operations in July 2004, too bad but completely understandable. (More time for photos!) If you recall, I purchased a M50 and a D500 scale from you on 02/26/2003. The scales work fine however I no longer need them (the jewelry business went south shortly after I bought the scales, actually I refused to succumb to the sales tactics of my competitors on eBay and other auction sites, seems people don’t want honesty they want a late night sales pitch), anyway, the scales have each been used only about half-a-dozen times and have been sitting in my desk drawer in their boxes for over a year. They are both “new”. Rather than have these great scales stored in my desk, if you come across someone looking for a M50 or D500 please let me know.

All the best,

Bob Thayer (bobthayerjr@yahoo.com)

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