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Sensors can make a fascinating tale, perhaps because there are over 500 sensor prototypes in the Dendritics Archives.  Our story begins with attempts to make Gemscale 50 sensors, continues with Millicarat models, and finally the 2x-larger D500 sensors.  See a view of Leonid cooking the G50's.  If you like this, you should also check out the Weighing Pan Slide Show or the Naked Body Slide Show (huh?) or the Circuit Board Show


Models from before there was even a circuit to test them on: Paper - Plastic - Metal - Funky Ceramic things


Models that we could test which looked more (or less) like the Gemscale 50 sensor


The second generation of development, trying to make a Millicarat sensor ... trying ... trying ...


Overlapping in chronology with the Millicarat, the monstrous D500 sensors.

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