Vladimir Subach

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Vladimir Subach, known to us as Vova, was originally introduced to us by his friend in Moscow, Igor.  As soon as Vova arrived in Boston, we met him and he joined us shortly thereafter.  His title was Applied Mathematician, but his jobs were many.  He was responsible for some of the theoretical calibration algorithm development, as well as a fair bit of robotic design and debugging.  Finally, he worked on the ceramic Millicarat sensor in its earliest phase.

Vova was an extremely entertaining and well liked chap.  He must have had the greatest collection of ready jokes and humor in the history of Dendritics.  HE could always be counted on to lighten up any situation.  Here, he is attempting a communication with the celestial spheres, using his Geiger 486 computer.  Another view of the scene shows more goofiness.

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