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Wax Calculator for Castings. You have a wax, but need to know the weight of the cast gold piece. And its value. Or you have a brass or silver model. This page evaluates the current on-line price of all karat golds, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Model Wax weighing 24.70 Gram - 15.88 Dwt - 0.794 Troy Oz  
Casting 14K Yellow Gold of 0.583 Purity  
Weight of Casting 322.83 Gram
207.61 Dwt
10.380 Troy Oz  
Precious Metal in Casting 6.055 Troy Oz of Pure Gold  
Price Used 1,272.86 USD / Troy Oz  
Value of Metal 7,707 USD  

Model Weight Gram Kilogram Dwt Troy Oz Av Oz Grain Carat Tael
Model Wax Brass .999 Silver .925 Silver
10K 14K 18K 24K Platinum .999 Silver .925 Silver Palladium
Yellow White Red Green
Price/Troy Oz (pure) (Leave blank for latest prices or enter a value to use in US Dollars)
Markup/Discount % (For example, use 200% for pricing based on triple the raw metal value)

Idea courtesy of Slava Shukel

Specific Gravities courtesy of Handy & Harman


Note: These calculation results do not take into consideration any porosity of the casting. The greater the porosity, the less weight of the casting. Also, we take no responsibility for misteaks. Nor will we profit if you make money from them.

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