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Wisdom #234: Signs It's Time to Abandon Your Space Station: #4. It's down to just you and Sigourney Weaver.

Wisdom #333: No keyboard present Hit F1 to continue Zen engineering?

Wisdom #1562: Time is an illusion perpetrated by the manufacturers of space.

Wisdom #1259: Loot, pollute and scoot

Wisdom #6: Oops! More Programming Required! Call in the troops!

Wisdom #346: Why Yawning Is Contagious: You yawn to equalize the pressure on your eardrums. This pressure change outside your eardrums unbalances other people's ear pressures, so they than yawn to even it out.

Wisdom #1489: The hipbone's connected to the... jawbone?

Wisdom #1478: The best teddy bears are the live kind.

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