The Lore of Diamonds

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Periodic Table of the Elements
From Los Alamos, this is clickable and searchable. Carbon is found free in nature in three allotropic forms: amorphous, graphite, and diamond. A fourth form, known as "white" carbon, is now thought to exist...
Silicon Remembers Carbon
An Installation by David Rokeby
From the UK, this is the periodic table on the World-Wide Web brought to you by the University of Sheffield. You can select from General, Chemical, Physical, Nuclear, Electronic, Biological, Geological, or Crystallographic data. Fantastic!
Chemical formulae for minerals and gems
From Jill Banfield's course
Carbon Activation of Water
from the Water Quality Association
The Mysterious Allotropes of Carbon
There is rather a mystery surrounding the Question: How many crystallograhic forms, or allotropes, of Carbon exist? We have collected here information representing a sampling of opinions. We invite your vote on the topic.
The Lore of Diamonds
The historic and geologic legacy of those diamonds.
Properties of Diamonds
Some curious properties of diamonds.

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