Dendritics Gemscale-50 Owners Manual Page 1

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Gemscale 100 - - Enhanced Pocket Portable Carat Scale


As with any precision instrument, Gemscale 100 requires you to follow the Operating Instructions and to take the necessary care to get the most from your Gemscale.

-    Calibration should be checked when you move the scale from one surface to another when the scale is ON. If necessary, re-calibrate the scale rather than TARE.

-    The scale will not operate when the battery needs to be replaced.

-    Avoid immersions and spilt liquids.

-    Avoid shocks, such as dropping it on the floor.

-    Prevent small particles such as crumbs or stones from falling into the mechanism. Avoid dust.

-    Avoid temperatures over 145 F (60 C) such as a car dashboard in the summer sun.

-    Allow extreme temperatures to settle before use, about 15 minutes.

-    Automatically calibrate with a 50.000 carat weight only.

-    The scale will not give stable readings in excessively vibrative environments such as holding in a hand or on a moving train.

-    Do not attempt to dismantle the scale. Do not remove back label. This will void the warranty. Follow the directions on the back for return and warranty covered repairs.

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